Portable Cord

SJT (Royal Cord)

Royal Cord is a hard usage service cord known for its durability; it consists of multiple conductors, specifically a two, three, and four-conductor power cable. This portable wire is applied in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, as it is resistant to oil, chemicals, and a highly abrasive environment. Furthermore, Royal Cords are also water-resistant and water submersible. The said wire is particularly used in heavy tools and equipment, large appliances, lighting installations, and a range of facilities, such as construction sites, mills, mines, sports complexes, or even marinas.

Royal Cord

0.75 mm² / 2C to 4C to 3.50 mm² / 2C to 4C
Available colors: Black

0.75 mm² / 2C1875 meters
1.25 mm² / 2C1675 meters
2.00 mm² / 2C1475 meters
3.50 mm² / 2C1275 meters
0.75 mm² / 3C1875 meters
1.25 mm² / 3C1675 meters
2.00 mm² / 3C1475 meters
3.50 mm² / 3C1275 meters
0.75 mm² / 4C1875 meters
1.25 mm² / 4C1675 meters
2.00 mm² / 4C1475 meters
3.50 mm² / 4C1275 meters